Fall Guys: Mediatonic Removes Jump Showdown Following Exploit That Awards Easy Wins

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Fall Guys' first post-launch event, Jump Showdown, has been removed from the game's rotation after players were able to exploit it for an easy win.

Revolving around players jumping over a spinning bar whilst avoiding the crumbling floor, players worked out a way to grab onto the last piece of the floor.


That kept them safe from the spinning bar, while their opponents would almost certainly be knocked off.

Fall Guys: Jump Showdown Removed

Taking to Reddit to address the concern about the mode being removed, game designer Joe Walsh noted that it's removed due to the "infinite hang issue".

Whether Mediatonic will make the surface unable to be grabbed, or add a timer to the grab itself, remains to be seen, but you can check out a clip of the issue below:



— ねねまど (@nenemado)
August 17, 2020

Here's hoping Jump Showdown returns in the near future.