Fall Guys Season 4 Trailer: Things You Missed

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Fall Guys Season 3 showed that the game show-style battle royale has some legs, and Season 4 is likely to be just as chaotic.

The first season since developer Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games, it's clear that Fall Guys is just getting started, and this season has an unlikely collaboration in store for fans.

Now, the new season trailer has been revealed and there are some things you may have missed. 

Here are some possible clues into what is in store for next season! 


Among Us

It has been rumored for quite some time now that Among Us will be collaborating within the new Fall Guys season.

But, within the new trailer, there have been hints towards this partnership further. 

As, the new trailer is heavily futuristic, and that is essentially the theme surrounding Among Us. 

This has triggered ample discussion on forms regarding the new season, and we should see some new content being implemented soon! 

Most notably, during the end of the trailer, there is a pretty obvious hint towards the collaboration between the two popular games.

Be sure to check out the trailer down below in case you have not seen it! 

Let us know if you are excited for the new season of Fall Guys! 


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