Fable 4 Needs The Infamous Acorn

Fable 4 will never be able to escape the shadow cast by its creator, Peter Molyneux. More specifically, it will not be able to leave the shadow of his false promises. Whatever his true intentions were or whether they were merely his grand ideas, there were plenty of them.

I could go on and on about groupies, A.I. hero contests, catching arrows mid-air, etc. Peter Molyneux made the infamous promise that time would pass realistically, and no one has forgotten it. There was a promise that what you did today would affect the game later on.. How many other games have promised the same lie? (I am looking at you, Mass Effect 3.)

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Fable 4's New Acorn Promise

A message carved into a tree, for instance, would remain there until the game ended. As players progressed in Fable, their characters aged, died, and were succeeded by their children. That was something I really believed. Planting an acorn would allow players to observe it grow into a magnificent tree.

It's an ode to the original promise that Fable II features a single acorn that, with the right choices, can grow into a tree, but players don't get to see it grow. Although many think this is impossible today, that's just not true. The video game industry has really come close to resembling real life.

Minecraft, Green Hell, and Valheim are examples of indie games that can achieve realism. The Elder Scrolls series gave their NPCs extensive schedules to follow, and E.A. has performed correct aging in The Sims 3. Shadow of Mordor even captured (then patented) a way to keep track of relationships realistically.

This is an opportunity for them, and it's the most important one that they must deliver on. They indeed have a bigger game to make, one which is ordinarily silly and comedic, but if they can make good on this promise, no other game can touch them. Join me in e-mailing Microsoft to request realistic time changes in Fable 4!

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