Fable 4 Will Be Light-Hearted, British, And Released Before Elder Scrolls 6

Many people consider Fable to be a not-so-serious version of fantasy games. Fable to Elder Scrolls is like Saints Row compared to Grand Theft Auto. Although we understand the influences, we appreciate the different approaches.

There is a risk that sequels will not be the same as the original games when different studios continue them. We've been able to calm our nerves thanks to the multiple interviews Phil Spencer has given. The latest podcast interview further emphasizes the point that Fable 4 will be a lot like its predecessors.

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Fable 4 will be like previous installments

Light-heartedness is one of the key reasons the Fable games are so fun for fans of the series. The best fantasy games can be dark and serious, and that's okay, but Fable hasn't been like that. As the game's first (and only) teaser trailer implied, Microsoft's Phil Spencer will retain the traditional Fable humor.

The IGN Unlocked podcast interviewed Phil Spencer about Xbox-owned Elder Scrolls 6 and Obsidian's upcoming new RPG Avowed, both of which have darker fantasy themes. Phil Spencer had this to say about Fable 4 in comparison:

"I think about that more horror-fantasy RPG setting… Fable's never been that, Fable's always been a little more light-hearted and a little more British, I think I can say, and I think Playground will keep it there."

In addition to the British tone, Spencer also gives a hint about the still-unknown release date for Fable 4. According to the Xbox executive, Fable 4 is "further away" than Elder Scrolls 6 at this stage, even though both games have CGI teaser trailers.

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The details on Fable 4 are still scarce since the game did not appear at E3 - along with Avowed and Elder Scrolls 6. Until more solid details emerge, Fable fans must wait.

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