Find Hidden Bunkers In Fortnite

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The Fortnite Week 9 challenges are out and as always we are here to lend a hand.

It looks like this week’s quests see the NPCs start to notice more strange things about the Island and we also get some fun Sea-themed challenges too!


For this one, we’re going Bunker hunting!

Let’s go find them!

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Where Are The Bunkers

You won't get any hints on the challenge map so here's where to find some bunkers.


For now, we have three bunkers to look for but there could be more hidden around so if you happen to find one on your own don't worry!

Under A House

This first one is under a hut on Splode’s Island.


There’s a rock blocking it from view which you can destroy with your harvesting tool.

Under A Bush

The second is under a bush due east of Retail Row.



Finally, you can found one bunker underwater!

This one’s a bit tricky to find but it’s a fun little swim if you head West from Slurpy Swamp.


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We also have this other Bunker, the large one near Catty Corner, which could also be one to try and visit.

I wonder if we’ll find out what they are for soon?