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24 Feb 2021

How To Deal Damage From The Water In Fortnite Week 9 Quest Chapter 2 Season 5

The Fortnite Week 9 challenges are out and as always we are here to lend a hand.

It looks like this week’s quests see the NPCs start to notice more strange things about the Island and we also get some fun Sea-themed challenges too!

For this, it’s time to get wet and deal damage from the water!

Let’s dive into it.

How To Deal Damage From The Water

The best way to complete this challenge will be to head into Team Rumble!

You could try this in a normal match of Solos for sure but Team Rumble will be much much easier.

You will have to get lucky with the final zone, but if you are the whole lobby will be grouped around the water you'll be swimming in!

Now you just have to get some shots off.

When the challenge drops you could try using a shotgun, as other players will be swimming nearby trying to complete the same challenge.

Though you'll find that ARs may be a better bet.

You'll be able to hit enemies at a distance, so you can shoot from the water while they run around on dry land!

We hope our guide helps you out and we wish you luck with the challenges!

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