Hitman 3 Chongqing Silent Assassin, Suit Only Professional Walkthrough

Hitman 3 is full to the brim with challenges to test your mettle as an assassin.

One such optional feat is to complete a mission Silent Assassin, Suit Only.

You kill both targets, with no bodies found, you are never spotted, all camera evidence is destroyed if you are seen by one and do all that in your starting suit.

We know it’s a lot but we are here to help you out.

Here’s how to complete Chongqing In Hitman 3 Silent Assassin, Suit Only.

The Chongqing Setup

This tactic for Chongqing should work on professional difficulty.

It’s likely that a similar strategy could be used on Master but with more guards and moved item placements you may need to tweak your strategy.

Though on Professional, remember to manually save regularly! You’ll still beat the challenge with or without saving but it means if you mess up you’ll be able to restart!

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Image: IO Interactive

Also, don’t worry about playing the level and discovering everything first, you shouldn’t need any shortcuts for this walkthrough. So let’s get into what you’ll need to take with you.

The following guide is based on the one by MrFreeze2244.

To start off with you’ll want to take your preferred Silent Pistol, Coins and a Lockpick.

The Coins will help distract any out of place NPCs and the Lockpick should make traversing around the map a breeze!

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Chongqing Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Start at the regular Train Station starting location and follow the walkway then head up the stairs.

Go straight into the building in front of you, under the archway.

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Image: MrFreeze2244

Climb up to the building’s top floor, drop down through the break in the wall and shimmy up the drainpipe.

On the roof, watch out for both guards and use your lock pick to break into the cage with the satellite dish. Once inside, turn it off.

Following this, shoot out the security camera behind you and inside the locked door which was immediately behind the camera’s vision.

Inside, go! Crouch run all the way to the end of the corridor, head up the stairs and silently shoot the second camera of the run!

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Image: MrFreeze2244

At the top of the coins, drop a coin (don’t throw one, just drop it) for Hush to pick up later.

Head into the kitchen area to the left and grab a frying pan before heading back and waiting behind the wall into the area Hush will be.

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Image: MrFreeze2244

As he moves, moves behind the server that is just off the left of your screen, then follow behind his bodyguard.

Knockout the guard then quickly pacify Hush. If you do it right you should be all good and can snap Hush’s neck.

Pick up the coin and just leave the bodies, no one should find them!

From here, crouch run back through the kitchen and head out the double doors in the back.

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Once outside, keep going forwards and quickly shoot out the flying camera in front of you, then head downstairs.

Before you reach the ground, shoot out the camera in front of some double doors and make a right to quickly subdue the guard before they turn around.

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Image: MrFreeze2244

Head back again and go through the double doors that the security camera was protecting before.

Take a right and its time to swap your coins for soda cans! So grab three Dr Popps and then hide to the left of the machine as you look at it. The stairs should be behind the camera for you.

Watch out that a scientist doesn’t spot you through the window while you wait!

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Image: MrFreeze2244

If you have been quick enough Imogen and her guide should eventually turn down the way you originally came from, and as they do follow them!

Throw the cans at the guard’s then Imogen’s head as they climb the stairs and snap her neck for the second kill. Also, make sure to nab her tier 3 access card too.

Drag these two bodies up the stairs and dump them in the crate that’s just opposite the door. The guards shouldn’t spot you, even if their heads are turned a bit.

With that done, head back inside, go past the vending machine and quickly drop down to the lower level.

Go up to the data core door and use the camera to hack it and use the terminal inside!

Now a lockdown should occur, it’s time to run out via the vent that just opened up!

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Follow the tunnel and hop out and wait for a minute. With your Instincts, you should see three guards on the right. One should then go past the other two and when they do follow after them, the two remaining guards will have their backs to you. 

Pull out the can, pacify him then hide his body in the nearby cupboard. After this, follow the corridor round and enter the next vent on your right: and climb up the ladder inside.

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Image: MrFreeze2244

Hop out the vent and then, while avoiding the guards, move to the left past the stairs and through the door on the other side. Once inside turn left and hop into the vent.

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Image: MrFreeze2244

Climb down the ladder on the left then go to a second ladder to reach the surface once more!

From here stay out of the people’s site and either lockpick the gate or the door to the arcade.

Either way head to the road, grab the bike and the mission is done!

Check out MrFreeze2244’s guide here if you need a hand:

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