How To Unlock Hitman 3’s Secret Ending

Hitman 3 has just released and we know you’ll want to explore everything the game has to offer!

Though, if you want a hand finding all of the game’s mysteries we are here to help with one, how to get Hitman 3’s Secret Ending.

Check out our (mostly) Spoiler-Free guide below!

Our Secret Ending Guide

Warning! This guide will spoil the final target of Hitman 3, but we won’t explain what happens in the secret ending. 

We’d advise you to play the game through normally then come back later to find this special cutscene!

Okay, let’s get into it.

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To unlock Hitman 3’s secret ending you’ll first just have to play the game as normal until you reach the final level.

In this final mission, the Carpathian Mountains play the mission however you want until you manage to confront the game’s main villain Arthur Edwards.

You can choose to eliminate Arthur in a plethora of ways, including injecting him with a syringe which will wipe his memory clean.

If you pick it up, instead of injecting him with it just wait a while.

Eventually, a prompt to inject yourself should appear.

If you want the Secret Ending in Hitman 3, choose this option!

This Ending will be familiar to long-time fans of the series but we won’t spoil it here.

If you want to experience the ending for yourself, follow the guide and you should see what happens!

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