Hitman 3 Explosive Golf Ball: Angry Birdy Challenge Solution

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Angry Birdy in Hitman 3 is a challenge incredibly reminiscent of one from Hitman 2016.

To earn the Andy Birdy Challenge you’ll have to eliminate Carl Ingram using an Explosive Golf Ball while he is playing Golf.


This may seem fairly straightforward but, unfortunately, it isn’t!

Here’s our guide for how you can complete the mission!

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How To Get An Explosive Golf Ball

You can get the Explosive Golf Ball one of two ways.


Either you can reach MAstery Rank 10  in Dubai or you can find one in the level.

In the gallery behind the server room on level 3 you should hear an employee say how they wanted to do exactly what you want to, and even have a golf ball lined up!

Steal their key, unlock the door on the far end of the corridor and you should find the explosive golf ball waiting for you.

No go and place that all into the golf ball bucket in the outdoor area of the penthouse.


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How To Make Carl Ingram Play Golf

Carl Ingram will only play golf when he gets mad.

To make him angry you’ll have to find a penthouse staff disguise and repeatedly turn his radio on and then hide.


After a few attempts of him turning it off, he’ll blow his lid and storm off to play golf.

Now just wait!

If you need any more help, check out this guide from MrFreeze2244: