Galactus Event Fortnite: Where is Galactus in Chapter 2 Season 4? Returning in v14.60 patch?

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Galactus has been charging towards the Fornite Island for nearly 12 weeks now.

The once small glowing speck in the sky became clearer and clearer until he was practically landed in Chapter 2 Season 4, and then he just disappeared…

Where has Galactus gone in Fortnite, and what does this mean for the Galactus event?


Hopefully, we’ll be seeing him return in the v14.60 patch coming out this week!

Read below to hear our thoughts!

Where has Galactus gone?

We don’t know, but we don’t think his disappearance is intentional.

Epic wouldn’t just remove Galactus without some kind of big event, no we believe that the game is just experiencing some kind of glitch.

A few days ago Galactus was looking exceptionally large, so our guess would be that he is meant to be landing this update but got too close too quickly.

His ahead os schedule arrival means that Epic has likely removed him just until the event is ready, and are just pretending that he is still there for the game’s story.


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Update day is Wednesday, so expect something around then, maybe a short movie that plays when you log in for the first time after updating!

This would tie into the leaks we reported on last week to do with the Galactus Event info being added this coming update!

When is the Galactus event?

Files are being added this week in the update on Wednesday related to the event, which will likely involve Galactus.

We guess that either we’ll see a Storm King like mode launch this week, or a cinematic event which will happen sometime next week to close out Season 4!

Either way Nexus War is shaping up to close with a bang, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more!