Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 Details, Release Date, Wrap And Cosmetics

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It looks like a new Fortnite Event may have leaked.

The Winter Trials could be headed to the game very soon!

What are the Winter Trials and how can you take part?

We are here to answer those questions.


The Winter Trials Webpage is now live!

You can visit it here and start taking part!

You'll earn Badges for joining the event, for electing a team to support and for every 20 minutes of Fortnite that you play!

What Are The Winter Trials?

The leaks telling us about what they are focused on a Winter Trials website which went live very briefly.

The site was full of errors and was missing information, suggesting that it was an accident.

Though some information did leak through, including that it may be a North America exclusive and how the event may work!

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(Image: Epic Games)

The image above gives some indication of how the event will work.

Players will vote on different challenges and receive badgess. When you reach a certain badge total, you’ll earn a reward be it a Spray, Wrap or Emote.

Exactly how this will work is still up in the air as it isn’t clear if players have to vote for or take part in the challenges that are set.

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(Image: Epic Games)

Here is another leaked image of the rewards on offer!

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the event, which was apparently meant to launch yesterday and go until January 31st, though that seems less and less likely.

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