Fortnite Patch 15.30 Patch Notes: Release Date, Downtime Confirmed, Skins, News, Bug Fixes, Downtime, Locations, Leaks And Everything You Need To Know

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Update 15.30 is coming to Fortnite very soon.

While the majority of Chapter 2 Season 5 has been lacking in updates, Epic has done a fantastic job in implementing new skins for players to grab.

The collaborations they have pulled off this season are out of this world and we can only assume more is to come. 

Now, with a new patch on the horizon, you may be wondering what changes Epic is adding this time around.

Check them all out below! 

Latest News

Patch Notes - 1st February 

FortniteStatus has noted that the following changes will be coming to the game during tonights update! 

  • Bring ‘em in cold with the new Mando’s Bounty LTM  
  • Two new Exotics!  
  • New Devices and Options for Creative


Superhero Skins - January 28th 

HYPEX has noted that during the next update, Epic will be limiting the color choices you will have with the Superhero skins.

Starting next update you can no longer use black on black or white on white superhero skin colors combination due to people exploiting it, you will be able to refund them for free tho!

Release Date

Since the last patch released back on January 13th, 2021 we can expect some downtime before the next one releases.

Epic typically waits two-three weeks before they release the next patch. 

So expect it to release on the 30th of January or within the first week of February! 

Patch Notes

As most of you are aware of, Epic does not tend to release full patch notes anymore.

Instead, we must rely on the patch notes that they send to Epic Games creators the night of the patch.

While these are broader, there are some more technical updates that are made that rarely get highlighted.

Leaks or Rumors? 

Some notable leaks and rumors have been flying in over the holiday season.

One of these comes from VasttBlast, who notes Epic is working on a new vehicle with a mounted weapon!

Epic is working on a car with a mounted turret/gun. Some values I found:

• "AFortDagwoodVehicle:ApplyVehicleModMountedGun" • "MountedGunData"

This may or may not have something to do with the upcoming creative mods.

New Weapons

During the last patch, Epic added a lever-action shotgun. While this new shotgun has been mediocre at best among fans, we can expect some new wacky weapons before the season ends.

Be sure to check back often, as we are sure we are going to see some leaks and other bits of information in the coming days! 

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