Who Is Vi? February Fortnite Crew Skin Chapter 2 Season 5 Theory

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The upcoming February Fortnite Crew Skin has been revealed and it looks like it could be related to Chapter 1 Season 5’s Drift.

Here’s everything we know so far about the strange new skin as we try to answer the big questions like who is Vi?


It looks like a Kitsune inspired skin is going to be Fortnite Crew's February Skin

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(Image: iFireMonkey)

According to iFireMonkey we will be getting Vi, a new skin with two variants and the following:

  • Foxbow Quiver Back Bling
  • Crooked Claw Pickaxe
  • Drift Shift Wrap
  • Loading Screen

We don't see the Wrap in the image, but maybe it will be included! We'll just have a few more days to wait!

What Is The February Crew Skin?

The now-deleted messages from the Fortnite Twitter show a communication sent from some unknown figure to Drift, the Chapter 1 Season 5 Battle Pass skin.

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(Image: Fortnite News)

Apparently, Drift’s Fox mask is what makes them a target, and someone is reaching out to help them.

We suspect this unknown figure will be the Fortnite Crew Skin, but what will it look like?

We already have a Male and Female Fox Clan character, in the form of Drift and Season X’s Catalyst, and Epic will need to be careful not to copy their designs too closely.

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The company have promised that skins are Battle Pass exclusive and could face backlash if that promise is broken! We have a slight glimpse in the image above, which shows an arm with a tattoo just off to the left, so perhaps that is the mystery Fox Clan character?

What Effect Does This Have On The Story?

We also know that something has been chasing the Fox clan. Our bet is that this is Kondor, for three main reasons. 

First off, Kondor is one of the hired Hunters to keep people inside the loop, something that the Fox Clan don’t seem to be a fan of. Drift himself will want to escape given that he originally comes from our reality and has been caught inside Fortnite for ten seasons now.

Secondly, Kondor is really old, an ancient Spirit of vengeance and an elite tracker. This would match up with the thing that is “Old” and “Bad” hunter from the messages above.

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(Image: Fortnite/ HYPEX)

Finally, a leaked image from Hypex shows three characters, Drifter, Catalyst and the Crew Skin, running along eastern style rooves with Cherry Blossom trees.

In a Reality Log from Agent Jones about Kondor we know he likes Cherry Blossom and the link between the Japanese origins for Drift’s Kitsune look and Kondor’s whole design suggest these two may be linked.

Perhaps this Fortnite Crew Skin will start to connect in characters who are anti the loop. Lead by the Fox Clan, we could see Midas make a return and perhaps characters like Neo from The Matrix will also be on this team.

We will just have to wait and see how it all shapes up!

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