Fortnite AFL Community Battles: Rewards and How To Take Part

The Fortnite Winter Trials are not the only ongoing Fortnite event going on!

Players can also take part in the Fortnite Community Battles for a chance to earn a spray and some VBucks.

Here’s how to take part!

What Prizes Are Up For Grabs?


Join a team, complete tasks for them and you’ll earn points to help put you in the lead. 

You’ll earn VBucks depending on your placing.

  • 1st: 800 VBucks
  • 2nd: 400 VBucks
  • 3rd: 200 VBucks

If too many people join a team, players who joined after a certain point won’t be eligible to earn the VBucks. But you can still earn the other prize!

Punt! Spray

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Punt! Spray (Image: Epic Games)

Complete at least one Task for your team to earn this cool spray!

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How To Take Part In Fortnite Community Battles

To sign up, head to the official website here.

Once you’ve done that, join the event and choose a team you want to support.

Finally, start completing tasks which appear on your team’s page.

It’s that easy!

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