Double XP Apex Legends: Start Time, End Time, How To Level Up Fast, Guide - Respawn Fixing Season 7 Battle Pass

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Apex Legends developers Respawn are continuing to try and fix their Battle Pass problem in Season 7.

After a host of promise and minor changes, this latest one will be a fairly major mix up, at least for as long as it is active.


This is, of course, a Double XP event which will last until the next update.

If you want to get the most out of this limited-time event, read our level up guide below!

When Does The Double XP Event Begin?

The event is live now. November 13!

Download the latest Apex Legends update and you should be able to begin levelling up at double the rate you were before.

If you’re trying to max out your Battle Pass, this will be a great opportunity to do so, effectively for only 2,500 XP you’ll earn one Star (as when doubled this will be the necessary 5,000 XP).

When Does The Double XP Event End?

We don’t know for sure, only that it will end when a patch drops next week.


We’d guess you have until next Friday, November 20, giving you a full seven days of double XP, but just be safe make sure you jump into Apex Legends over this Weekend to guarantee those quick level-ups.

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How to Level Up FAST in Season 7

If you want to get the most out of this double XP event, here are our tips.

Get a Group Together!

If you play with friends you can earn an extra 5% boost per teammate, so two would be 10%. It isn’t the most, but it will stack with the double XP event on right now.

Though this won’t count for just playing a trios game, it has to be a squad made up of people in your friends list!


Buy the Battle Pass

We know it isn’t the best deal right now, but the event should fix many of the problems!

Additionally, you’ll earn bonus XP, such as boosts to surviving until the top 5.

With the double XP event on this boost will become even better!

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Play and Survive

Next, you’ll want to play loads. Seems obvious right?


But not only will you want to enter a lot of matches, you’ll want to make sure you stay alive for as long as you can.

You’ll earn way more XP staying out of harm’s way and lasting until you reach the top spots rather than trying to kill. Eliminations will earn you XP, sure, but the risk of being knocked out yourself is just too high.

Mix up Your Legend

Our final advice is to mix up who you play as.

You’ll receive bonus XP each week for hitting a total survival time as each legend. This 25,000 XP bonus will be doubled to 50,000 XP so it’ll be very lucrative. 

So once you earn the reward, move over to the next Legend in your line up and carry on playing!

With all of that you should be set to try and max out your Season 7 Battle Pass, or as much as you can, while the event is on.


We wish you all the best out there!