DOTA2 Outlanders Patch: Grandma Snapfire New Hero Released

With the Outlanders patch being probably the most game-changing patch ever introduced, it’s almost impossible to analyze everything you would need to know (we’re looking at you Purge) without dying from exhaustion.

Some of the most exciting changes come in the form of two new heroes, with Void Spirit and Granny Spitfire entering the fro! Here’s us trying really hard to dumb down their abilities to make a starter’s guide for you.


Everyone’s second-favorite-grandmother is here. Snapfire is the fourth ever strength hero to be ranged, and looks like it should ideally be played as a four position.

As with many four positions though, there’s a lot of room for maneuvering it into the mid or top lane as a core.

It’s bringing a lot of exciting abilities to the ranked meta, and that’s why we’re here.


Snapfire Abilities

Scatterblast:Snapfire unloads with a wide blast that damages and slows enemies in a cone. Enemies caught at point-blank range take an extra 50% damage. It’s a basic nuke with a reasonable cooldown, but spamming it will be a limited option due to the low base mana pool that you’re dealing with.

Firesnap Cookie:This is going to be your bread, butter and dessert. Using this ability on yourself or your teammate will propel them forwards in the direction they’re facing for a little under the distance that a force staff would.

On impact, it deals damage and stuns people - although the movement speed is much slower than the force ability from a staff, making it easier to dodge. The cookie works on stunned and disabled units, so it’s an effective way out of a sticky oven as well.

Lil’ Shredder:Your next six right clicks are going to have a fixed damage, extra range, and be fired very rapidly. These attacks slow the enemy target’s attack speed for three seconds, which each stack adding more of an attack speed slow.

Mortimer Kisses:The dragon between granny’s legs will spit out six gobs of fire. While this is happening your hero will be unable to move, and all right clicks serve as targets for where the fire should land.

Each gob of fire explodes on impact, dealing heavy damage and burning for three seconds. There’s quite a bit of travel time and the range for the kisses is incredibly large, so they’re easy enough to juke without lockdown to pair.

The minimum range at which you can deliver kisses is set to 600 units.

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We can’t wait for someone to come out with a detailed guide on the optimal playstyle for these heroes, but until then, time to go figure out what the best support to farm neutral items for your carry is.

Written byMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime

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