DOTA2 Outlanders Patch: Void Walker New Hero Released

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With the Outlanders patch being probably the most game-changing patch ever introduced, it’s almost impossible to analyze everything you would need to know (we’re looking at you Purge) without dying from exhaustion.

Some of the most exciting changes come in the form of two new heroes, with Void Spirit and Granny Spitfire entering the fro! Here’s us trying really hard to dumb down their abilities to make a starter’s guide for you.

Void Spirit

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking anyone’s going to know the way this hero is meant to be played for at least three months.

Like a lot of the other spirits, Void Spirit is a very level dependent, versatile hero that can be played multiple different ways due to the kinds of damage sources he can offer. He’s a mid hero, and his abilities give him reasonable mobility and control, combined with a damage shield and ultimate which is based on right click damage. 


Void Spirit Abilities

Aether Remnant:Void Spirit spawns a remnant of himself, which provides vision and shoots out a 400 range beam which will pull enemy units towards it should they get caught. The pull mechanic works similarly to Storm Spirit’s vortex, but the remnant itself has travel time similar to Ember Spirit.

The remnant is based on vector targeting, so you can decide the direction it’ll face.

Dissimilate:Void Spirit goes into a 1.3 second phase time, and assembled nine portals around himself - each with a radius of 275 each. You have the option of right clicking on any of the portals and you’ll pop out of it, dealing damage in the vicinity of the portal.

Unlike abilities like Puck’s phase shift, this stays true to the Spirit invulnerability mechanics of Storm/Ember, in that once the ability is cast, you can’t leave the portal until after the phase time is done.

You can still right click multiple portals during the invulnerable time, and the last selected portal will be where you spawn.


Resonant Pulse:Again, Icefrog made it easy for us by providing some parity with other spirits. Resonant Pulse is a damage shield which also deals damage. Unlike Ember though, this blocks all incoming damage, and only deals damage at one single instant in a large circle around him.

For each hero that the pulse will hit, the total amount of damage the shield is able to block will rise additively.

Astral Step:Void Spirit moves in a straight line, dealing damage to all enemies across the path. The attacks slow all units within the lines for 1.25 seconds, and deal extra damage at the end of the slow duration.

You can store upto two charges of your ultimate. Within the ultimate, proc based items such as maelstrom will still have the chance of activating normally.

Written byMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime

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