Call of Duty Pro ACHES Lists Numerous Changes He Wants To See In Black Ops Cold War

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By now most of you have had a chance to check out the Black Ops Cold War PS4 Open Beta.

The general consensus is that this year is looking bright for Call of Duty fans, and competitive players seem to mostly agree.

Patrick "ACHES" Price on the other hand as listed some changes he would like to see implemented over the course of now and when the game releases.




ACHES noted different changes he wants to see within Black Ops Cold War.

He took to Twitter to post a slideshow with notes on each of the changes. 

Let's run through each of them and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Revisit & Adjust Slide Mechanics 

ACHES notes that he wants the sliding mechanics to be slower, and make your player lose more momentum that is currently in place.

Movement Speed Buff


"Increase base speed when: Walking, sprinting & crouching"

"Possible idea: Leave current speeds and a Lightweight perk to Perk 2 that has these changes. As of right now, the available perks in the Beta makes it seem like its going to be another year of less valuable/useful Perk 2 for competitive play" 

Duster Stock - Complete Overhaul

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Ninja Perk Changes

Many players have noted that the Ninja Perk needs some tweaking, as many feel it is not strong enough at the moment.

ACHES suggest that it should be completely silent when walling and crouching. As well, only make a slight noise when sprinting, jumping, and falling!

Tacticals, Grenades and Throwables

ACHES notes that the throwing distance on all of these needs to be shortened, as well potentially adding onto how long it takes to take one of these out.

Trophy System

EMP and Hardwired Perk

Although these are not in the game yet, ACHES suggests that if they are he thinks it could be like the Black Ops 2 meta!



Competitive wise, ACHES notes that there should be an option to use the classic system rather than the new carry-over mechanic currently in place.


ACHES mentions that he does not know if there are more Wildcards in the full game, but if there are not, he states that they are way to overpowered right now/ 

Jump Shotting

Stim Shot


"Let's just pray this is restricted for obvious reasons...I was thinking of ways to balance it and well you just can't other than getting 1-2 per life" 

What do you think of ACHES suggestions for Black Ops Cold War? We can certainly get behind most of these improvements, as they would make the game feel much better come release.