Apex Legends: What Time Does Fight Night Come Out?

The Fight Night Collection Event is almost here, and we know the one question on everyone’s mind.

When will Fight Night Come Out?

Well, we’re here to stop or wondering and give you the answers you crave.

Read below for the times when Fight Night will come out across the globe!

Fight Night Release Times

The Fight Night Collection Event starts at different times depending on your time zone.

It even releases across two different dates, January 5 and January 6!

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The dates and times are as follows:

January 5

  • 8 PM PT
  • 9 PM MT
  • 10 PM CT
  • 11 PM ET

January 6

  • 1 AM BRT 
  • 4 AM GMT
  • 5 AM CET
  • 9:30 AM IST
  • 1 PM JST

The time differences are obviously to ensure that the event releases at the same moment everywhere!

Remember to restart your game and make sure all the updates are downloaded if you want to play the Fight Night Event as soon as you can.

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