Apex Legends Fight Night, Stories from the Outlands

At 4 PM GMT Apex Legends fans were treated to yet another Story from the Outlands!

This one, titled Fight Night, gives us a glimpse at Pathfinder’s origins, though as always we seem to have just as many questions now as we did before!

You can watch the video below and hear our thoughts too.

Fight Night

The story focuses on Pathfinder, though we also see references to Caustic and we think we spotted a reference to Forge, the fake Legend.

You can watch the whole video here:

It’s a really awesome origin story for the Legend Pathfinder, who we see failing at many basic jobs but who has a knack for fighting and shooting. 

The video is also a lot of fun in itself, the animation is so cool, and the story is exhilarating even if you aren’t up to date on Apex Legends lore!

There are so many quick flashes, from Pathfinder’s memory as well as shots of newspaper clippings that it’s impossible to break everything down!

But we start to understand that Pathfinder seems to have a strong connection to the Outlands, with his very existing suggesting that “the Outlands can survive.”

We also maybe got a glimpse of a Legend, the detective who serves as the story’s other protagonist.

His search for Caustic, or Nox as he is referred to, could lead him into the Apex Games, now that the scientist has reared his head again.

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex)
December 18, 2020

The short will also tie into the upcoming Fight Night collection event too.

You can read everything we know about that here!

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