Apex Legends A Fate Worse Than Death Explained

Respawn has created a ripple of mixed feelings throughout the Apex Legends community. What a surprise!

This latest division has been caused by a Tweet which concluded, at least for now, the current chapter in the conflict between Legends Loba and Revenant.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Tweet That Caused It All 

The Tweet that sparked the annoyance is this one:

A fate worse than death. pic.twitter.com/CJK4PgYARc
— Apex Legends (@PlayApex)
December 27, 2020

On the surface, it is very cool, we get to learn more about Revenant and Loba, and we get some awesomely well-made art.

Though the reason fans are annoyed is that they were hoping to play some of this themselves.

But was it so bad?

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What Did We Learn?

The be-all and end-all is that Revenant now can’t die.

Off-screen Loba found Revanent’s source code and shot it off to Gridiron, a distant planet.

This means the Revenant will continue to live, as he can’t destroy his source, and while he swears vengeance on Loba, for she is the victor.

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Misstep Or Step In The Right Direction?

We feel like this leans more into the misstep region and that the fight should have been more like a cutscene.

While the art is beautiful, the two almost static images don’t quite convey the moment correctly, and it can be hard to tell exactly how this fight played out.

Seeing it would have felt very more satisfying, we are sure of that.

Additionally, as the top tweet points out, this feels a little rushed.

I’m so disappointed 🙁 all that build from season 5 quest for this 😡 pic.twitter.com/5dh4B5chWh
— Kevtheking99-YT (@kevtheking99)
December 27, 2020

We could have had fun continuing to explore this quest in future seasons.

Instead, we’re given a cutscene, having been told that a lot of interesting action happened off-screen.

This again isn’t going to feel like a payoff to people who aren’t heavily interested in just learning the lore.

But it is cool that Respawn is exploring lore more, and perhaps we’ll see more frequent updates if they intend to have smaller-scale reveals like this!

Respawn are keen to communicate more with fans, so we’ll have to see how that plays out in this case.

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