Apex Legends: Players Experiencing Crashes With Nvidia 3080's

Apex Legends is still one of the premier battle royales on the market.

The game has seen some drastic changes in recent months, and the new map is among the best out of the three.

With more changes coming in the following months, players are geared up as ever.

However, if you happened to get a flashy graphics card as of late, you may be encounter issues with Apex Legends.

Here's the problem and what the developers are doing to fix it! 



A Reddit post from all the way back in November was the first place where players with Nvidia 3080's started to report crashes with their game.

The original post was by u/doggo_99 and they noted the following: 

Is anyone getting constant crashing/freezing with a 3080? My apex was fine before this GPU, and now I can’t play for more than 1-2 minutes without a crash. It only happens when I’m playing with other people, no crashing while in the firing range alone. Any help appreciated. Thanks

This was quickly followed up by other users noting the same information: 

Yep, getting consistent crashes, too. I though it was related to the undervolt/overclock settings I had applied but does it any stock as well. Only happens on Apex. Have a 3080 Founders Edition.

it's just Apex. Every update they Respawn releases is terribly unstable and you will crash for a week or two until they fix it with a patch. Happens literally every update.

Well, while this post was over a month old it appears Respawn has finally seen it.

Respawn employee u/rspn_pav has noted the following: 

Already made a note of this and handed it off to the devs to take a look at. If you can provide your specs and which launcher you're using that'd be really helpful.

Hopefully, this solution comes soon, so you do not have to worry about crashing whenever you load into a match of Apex! 


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