Escape From Tarkov's Pre-Wipe Event Removes Secure Containers

Escape From Tarkov's community is up in (looted) arms after developer Battlestate Games removed Secure Containers from the tactical shooter.

These items can house some items, meaning that if players are killed as part of a raid, they won't lose them. Battlestate Games removing them means that all loot is fair game.

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Escape From Tarkov's Pre-Wipe Event Removes Secure Containers

For the uninitiated, players in Escape From Tarkov are sent into open-world regions to loot whatever isn't nailed down, or die trying. Players fighting their way through can gain items to help build out their hideout, rare items that can be sold for in-game cash, or weapons and other usable loot.

If a player dies during a raid, their loot can be collected by enemies or comrades, and the Secure Container is reserved for keeping hold of must-have items.

These containers are actually included in the purchase of the game, meaning fans are torn between having a utility they paid for taken away, or applauding BSG for allowing for a riskier way to play.

One Reddit post, below, has reached over 1,400 comments so far.

The good news is that the change appears to be a pre-wipe event, meaning servers will be cleared of player items in the coming days anyway. For more on the wipe, check out our guide here.

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