Escape From Tarkov 'Streets of Tarkov' Update: Everything We Know

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Escape from Tarkov's next update, 'Streets of Tarkov', was shown off again at E3 2021, and it looks to be another atmospheric location in Battlestate Games' hardcore tactical shooter.

Escape from Tarkov sends players into abandoned locations to find loot - either in the environment or from players they kill, before tasking them with making it out alive. It's tense, and Streets of Tarkov looks to be one of the most complex areas yet.

Here's all we know about it.

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Streets of Tarkov Release Date

The new Streets of Tarkov raid map was delayed from its initial 2020 window due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but we still don't have a set date.

What we do know, however, is that it'll launch in 2021.

Streets of Tarkov Boss

Streets of Tarkov has been rumoured to offer multiple bosses, but at present only one has been confirmed.

That boss will wield an RPD, and will have ten guards - meaning it may require a squad to take them down.

Bosses usually have the best loot, too, so it's worth the risk.

Streets of Tarkov Player Count

According to Battlestate Games, the Streets of Tarkov will offer spaces for 40 players.

That's a huge jump up from the current biggest location, Interchange, with a player cap of 14 - but the final number may change.

Streets of Tarkov Trailer

Check out the latest teaser below:

Streets of Tarkov Locations

The Streets of Tarkov, as you'd imagine, make for some challenging urban combat. There are plenty of windows to watch enemies from, as well as a mix of tight streets and more open areas.

There also appears to be plenty of verticality, and the potential for ambushes.

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