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Escape From Tarkov Update: Patch – Big Fixes, Crafting, Instability Issues & More


Escape From Tarkov received a small update recently, in the form of Patch


That said, Patch is the latest in a long line of patches to the hit the graphic FPS, and players would love nothing more than the game to be free of issues.

The newest patch brings a host of under-the-bonnet improvements, so continue reading for all the information we have.

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The latest Patch follows the most recent update, which saw some minor game server and game client optimization, as well as some bug and behaviour fixes.

The behaviour fixes came as opposition AI had been doing some pretty weird things while under fire.

Players should now find that bots no longer start healing up while they are under fire, nor should enemy AI blow themselves up with grenade launchers in a poor attempt to get a kill.


Bug Fixes

Update, which dropped on 11 February, focuses on fixing some bugs that had emerged since the last update.

These were:

  • Fixed a critical bug where the character's hands were twisting when entering the hideout in the first-person view
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to select items for production when there were several items in the production scheme
  • Fixed a bug in the production of SP-6 rounds, when the requirements specified a lot more items than actually needed
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to quickly transfer items to a secured container by transferring items on its icon
  • Various small bug fixes
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