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Escape From Tarkov: Weapon Tier List - The Best Weapons In The Game


If you're new to Escape From Tarkov, it can be a very overwhelming game and tough to isolate which weapon is best to use.


Considering there is so much depth to weapon builds, you'll need to know what's worth your time and what isn't.

Here's our weapon tier list for the best weapons in Escape From Tarkov patch

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Tier List

There are over 60 firearms in the game, with more on the way, this article will not include all weapons but will include some of the better weapons and more common ones.


The top crop of weapons fall into this category, these are the best weapons available in Escape From Tarkov.



The M4A1 is definitely the meta right now in Escape from Tarkov as it's the best choice for medium-range engagements.

It offers great gun handling characteristics that can be enhanced by customization.

With standard ammo, it can pierce through Class 4 Body Armour.


The VAL Assault Carbine was designed for stealth takedowns.

The powerful 9x39mm subsonic rounds are fantastic for piercing armour (providing you choose the right ammunition).

Ultimately, it does suffer at range and has a huge dropoff.


The HK has a fantastic range and a slightly faster rate of fire compared to the M4A1, with an accuracy rating to match.



The marksman rifle boasts a range of 900 meters and a strong fire rate.

With the right ammo, this gun has great penetration and deals tons of damage.



The next tier are weapons that will do well in most situations but have a small flaw that prevents them from being elite.


The 74N is a version of the standard AK-74, equipped with a Nightscope Mount.

The gun is not as accurate as the M4 and requires mode mods to be optimal, meaning it's not quite in the same ballpark.

It does have the ability to pierce through Type 4 Body Armor is the right ammo is used.



The AKM is certainly one of the most versatile weapons in the game due to its "off the shelf" deployability.

It has enhanced accuracy, lighter weight, upgraded ergonomics and better firing mechanisms compared to the AK-47.

Where it falls down is the lack of power and handling top tier weapons have.


This Light tactical Sniper Rifle features an integrated suppressor.

It's very accurate and capable of piercing through every armour in the game.

However, it's bolt-action mechanism lowers its usage potential and is extremely expensive.

If you're rich and expecting lots of long-range combat, you're in for a treat.


B Tier

Known as the new player tier, these weapons are good enough to get by and are mainly suitable for low-level players.



The SV-98 is very similar to the DVL-10.

It suffers from similar drawbacks to the DVL-10, but has less powerful rounds.

With a good choice of ammunition, it will do well against armoured targets.


The modified AK-74 features a foldable stock, making it much faster.

Unfortunately, it has less accuracy and has worse handling, but still can pierce through any armour with the right ammo.

It's relatively cheap to obtain, making it a good starter weapon.


The SKS is a great choice for low-level players because it is capable of piercing through armour if the right ammo is used.

Vepr KM/VPO-136


This semi-automatic weapon lacks the spray'n'pray capabilities, meaning it suffers in the firepower it holds.

But it will fair up well at medium to long-range engagements, making it ideal for new players.


C Tier


Another low powered weapon that lacks the full-automatic fire mode.

For an SMG that lacks power and is fully automatic, it makes this weapon a poor choice.

Not to mention that it is quite expensive for what it offers (or doesn't in this situation).

SR1MP Gyurza


A last resort sidearm, that shouldn't see action unless necessary.

Ultimately, it won't stand a chance against high-grade body armour and only works at close-range.

But it is one of the better pistols in the game.

D Tier


In comparison to the Gyurza, you'll notice a difference.

It's reliable enough, but far from the best pistol and far too expensive for what it can do.

MP-443 Grach

This pistol has underwhelming firepower and accuracy, meaning its potential is limited.

E Tier


One of the worse pistols in the game - if you can, avoid at all costs.


The semi-automatic shotgun is suitable for fighting unarmoured targets at close range.

But as you can probably tell, its use is limited.

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