Escape From Tarkov Update: Latest Patch – New Menu, Crafting Options, Big Fixes & more

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Escape From Tarkov recently received an update to Escape from Tarkov - Patch

It's the latest in a long line of patches to the hit the gritty FPS, and it includes a few noteworthy under-the-bonnet improvements.

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Some fresh features have come with the latest Patch.

The new ‘Equip’ context menu option has been added to the receiving letters screen, and players now have a choice of which items to use when crafting.

On top of this, there has been some minor game server and game client optimization, as well as some bug and behaviour fixes.

The behaviour fixes come as opposition AI has been doing some pretty interesting things when they are under fire.

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Behaviour Fixes

There are a handful of bug fixes, most of which are related to opposition AI.


Players should now find that bots no longer make stupid decisions when firing grenade launchers, nor will they start healing up while they are under fire.

These minor updates come players had been noticing enemy AI blowing themselves up in a poor attempt to get a kill, so they have been welcomed with open arms.

Besides these minor fixes, the rest of the patch notes can be read out as expected.

You can find the full patch notes for Update here, courtesy of Battlestate Games.

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