What Happened to NICKMERCS' $300,000 Gaming Studio

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Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff did not exaggerate when he said he spent $300,000 exclusively on his setup. That’s more than many people’s homes alone, but Nick wanted to spend the money, and it was tax-deductible. It’s been two years since he was seen in his old set up and many tend to wonder what happened.

That was the time when NICKMERCS lived in Michigan, before the pandemic. During and after the pandemic, it seemed that Nick couldn’t bring himself to go back to his old home. Today he resides in Floria, but his old setup is in Michigan.

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What happened to the $300,000 gaming setup NICKMERCS had?

NICKMERCS has some bad memories 'back home.' He describes it as a place where a lot happened, “some emotional stuff, some weird stuff, some backstabbing stuff.” This details why he pretty much abandoned his old home.

He starts talking about the setup at 9:50

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For anyone that doesn’t want to watch the whole video, let me summarize it:

NICKMERCS had a bad experience in Michigan, and so he and his wife bought a new home in Florida. That’s when the pandemic happened, which closed most of Michigan down. Florida did not experience the pandemic in the same way.

Nick and his wife came to love Florida more than Michigan and decided to stay in that state. This left Nick’s old home, and his $300,000 gaming set up to stay there. He says that eventually, he will sell and will make money on it.


As of today, NICKMERCS does not see himself going back to Michigan or his gaming setup at all. He said it’s not a waste; it’s just that things will change, and he may make a profit on it later on.

Author's Note: We have seen some people talk about NICKMERCS having lost his mansion, but as far as we can tell, that has not happened. Nick himself even confirms that he still owns his old home.

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