NICKMERCS Announces His Return To Warzone After Vanguard Reveal

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After the Vanguard reveal, Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff was asked if he would return to Warzone. He didn't completely dismiss it, but he said it wasn't a situation where he was ending his time with the Warzone. His videos will be a mix of Apex Legends and Warzone.

It would appear that NICKMERCS is preparing his audience for Vanguard with his Call of Duty content. Streamers can do what they want, but many do not want to shock their viewers; they want to make it look like the original plan was always what they wanted. NICKMERCS is no exception, and so he says both yes and no; he's back, but he's also never left.


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NICKMERCS is back to Warzone after Vanguard reveal

The common (and accurate) belief is that many streamers only revisited Warzone for the Vanguard reveal. The names CourageJD and Dr DisRespect stand out among them. Nevertheless, NICKMERCS told his audience that he was never really gone and that he always planned to sprinkle in Call of Duty whenever he felt like it. Here is the video:

As he rants about Vanguard quite a bit, the section where he discusses Warzone is at 00:42.


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I want to highlight what he says that coincides with everything I've been saying. In the words of NICKMERCS:

"I told you guys we're going to sprinkle in some Warzone, we're going to sprinkle in some Apex. From now on, I'm uploading whatever the hell I'm playing, that's it, I don't care anymore."

Since I have covered NICKMERCS for quite a while, he did mention previously that Warzone was over. But since Vanguard is coming, maybe he doesn't want to be too set in one direction or another. Whether it's for personal reasons or for career reasons, it's good to see Nickmers return to one of his most famous games.