Twitch Streamer Amouranth's House Fire Is Being Investigated For Arson

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Twitch streamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth," Siragusa said fire investigators are investigating her house fire, which is suspected to be arson. According to her description, this is not the first time this has happened. As of now, her home has been attacked twice in two years with fire-related weapons.

Many people are unaware that internet fame can bring people who are abusive and seeking to harm you. YouTubers like Dream, H20 Delirious, Corpse Husband, and SwaggerSouls do not show their faces due to privacy concerns. Listening to Amouranth talk about people trying to burn down her home, it's pretty obvious why.


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Amouranth house fire was most likely arson

Amouranth went over the house fire and that she is okay. She said that investigators think it was arson, which means someone did it to her purposefully. That may seem strange on its own, but she went further into detail after her initial tweet, which is seen below.


Amouranth gave a summary of the attacks Amouranth has experienced on Twitter. Her home was targeted once during the Fourth of July by someone with fireworks and bad intentions. Luckily, police intercepted the person before they could do any damage, but that's scary all by itself. Readers can find the entire thread here.

Twitch streamers have to deal with swatting, abuse, and harassment, but female streamers have it worse. For example, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter to take her Twitter private because she had a stalker. Stories like this aren't as rare as they should be and It's a terrible situation for female streamers to be in.

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We can only hope the police can catch the person responsible for Amouranth's house fire.