NY Post labels Valkyrae a "bikini streamer," igniting rage from her fanbase

Valkyrae has recently been seen as someone with strong opinions on Twitch's bikini streamer takeover. She has no problem with hot tub streaming, and she advises everyone to disregard it if they don't like it. As someone who doesn't flaunt her body in the slightest, Valkyrae's defense of people who do is refreshing and demonstrates acceptance in all forms of streaming.

On the other hand, the New York Post either didn't do their homework on Valkyrae or made an abysmal choice of wording. In their article, they clearly identified Valkyrae as a bikini streamer. The picture below is taken from the article in question:

In this caption is words, they show Valkyrae being quoted directly after "Bikini streamers were quick to defend the practice."
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Just throw the whole article away.

Valkyrae is definitely not a hot tub or a bikini streamer. She usually doesn't wear clothing that emphasizes her body, and she doesn't take well to sexual comments at all. In this article from the NY Post, the author blatantly makes it seem like Valkyrae is a bikini streamer and then makes it seem as if she is only trying to defend her own income rather than other people's choices.

Twitter did not take kindly to Valkyrae being called a bikini streamer

As Valkyrae said, there's nothing wrong with being a bikini or hot tub streamer, but trying to undermine someone's claims by making them seem unbiased is immature. Many were angry at the blatant misrepresentation. Below are some of my favorite tweets:

For those who are unfamiliar, when you are writing an article, you have to be very careful about where you write what and how things may look. There has to be a flow between each sentence, so whatever is first becomes part of what comes next. The NY Post called Valkyrae a hot tub streamer underhandedly. Those who write professionally can tell you that this was either a significant blunder or done very intentionally.

It would be helpful if the NY Post writers were more careful how they phrase their articles in the future.

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