Valkyrae addresses reports that she'll be leaving streaming

Several heated debates have taken place in the past month regarding Valkyrae. Addison Rae fans recently accused Valkyrae of taking TommyInnit off the DreamSMP server, which earned Valkyrae a lot of backlash. Valkyrae announced on April 27th that she was going to pivot away from social media and into business. Her declaration sparked a lot of speculation as to what she meant.

As Valkyrae said, she didn't want to deal with the difficulties of online fame for the rest of her life. Although she did not know when she would stop using social media, she had been thinking about it for months. Her statement led many fans to believe she was quitting streaming, and many rumors spread when she would quit.

On her secondary Twitter account, Valkyrae confirmed that she had no plans to stop streaming. The fact that many sites had written articles about her departure (of course, we didn't, since we knew better) concerned her. So she went on Twitter to remind people that she loves gaming and would never want to stop.

Valkyrae is not leaving streaming anytime soon

Valkyrae had said she wanted to leave social media, not streaming, which is understandable. Streamers and influencers like Valkyrae are tired of Twitter's cancellation culture and toxic fandoms. Pewdiepie left Twitter for good, and KSI took a long break because of the toxic culture of fame.

As Valkyrae said in a stream almost a month ago:

"[This life] is so exposing, and people, especially on social media, are always looking for the worst in you. They want to find something bad about you and actually use it against you. It's just scary, really scary… What makes me happy is being safe."

Valkyrae is in a great position at the moment

This year she was the most-watched female streamer, appeared in a music video, and became a co-owner of 100 Thieves. Valkyrae has the potential to be one of the most popular streamers in history, and she'd never stop while she's in her prime. Therefore, fans should not worry about losing their favorite streamer.

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