Valkyrae might leave YouTube for Twitch after her contract ends

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The competition between YouTube and Twitch is well known in the streaming world. As a streaming platform, YouTube has slowly risen in popularity for streaming over the years, gaining Pewdiepie, Dr. Disrespect, and even Valkyrae to their roster of streaming personalities.

YouTube even signed streamers like Valkyrae and CourageJD to exclusive contracts to tie them down. However, those contracts end this year.

Valkyrae has spoken about the issues streaming on YouTube multiple times and as she gets closer to her contract ending there are big concerns that she might leave YouTube when her contract expires.

One of Valkyrae's biggest concerns is that YouTube takes far too long to add new features and is struggling to keep up with Twitch.

In the Scuffed Podcast, both CourageJD and Valkyrae began voicing their grievances with the YouTube platform (this starts at 53:30).

There are two significant problems Valkyrae and CourageJD seem to have with YouTube. Their first issue is that YouTube channels feel extremely dissociated from one another, while Twitch provides a sense of community. The second is that YouTube chat does not have the same culture as Twitch chat.

Ultimately, both streamers are concerned about the fact that YouTube hasn't done anything to address these core issues and improve the streaming platform.

Whilst they might have been tolerable back when CourageJD and Valkyrae signed their contracts, it's possible both could look to return to Twitch further down the line when their contracts expire.

Valkyrae seems to be leaning towards going back to Twitch

As Valkyrae approaches the end of her contract, she has become more vocal about YouTube's problems in recent months. This may be her way of notifying YouTube about her frustration with the platform. As Valkyrae said:

"YouTube needs a lot of things. I'm kind of surprised that a lot of changes haven't happened yet. It's taking a very long time… I've been streaming on YouTube for a year and two months now and the only thing that's changed is that they added clipping but… There's no place to find the clips…"

Valkyrae has had good things to say about YouTube, but her statements are becoming more negative with time. Based on Valkyrae's statements, it seems clear that she intends to leave YouTube for Twitch. YouTube either needs to become more streamer-friendly or lose big names like Valkyrae because they lack Twitch's features.

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