Pokimane And Ninja Discuss Their Future In Movies After Free Guy

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Free Guy featured many streamers, like JackSepticEye, Ninja, Pokimane, DanTDM, and LazarBeam. To promote the movie, Pokimane and Ninja did an interview where they spoke about working in Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds. The interview is below and is pretty revealing about the two personalities.

Some of the things revealed are Ninja'sNinja's other cameos which are coming soon, as well as Pokimane'sPokimane's future in movies. Streamers are becoming more of household names but breaking into film doesn't appear to be the goal of many. This interview shows exactly what the mindset is for streamers who cameo and what their future will be.


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Interview with Ninja and Pokimane on Free Guy

This video contains the usual fluff that comes with these types of interviews. "Thanks for coming, you're awesome, keep being awesome" and all that stuff. Following that, the questions reveal much about these two streamers, including whether Fall Guy will lead to more roles.

The good part starts at 00:50


Ninja looks pretty confident about his upcoming cameos and says he is interested in a career in acting. He says they will arrive soon and have already been filmed. Although he won't disclose which movies they are, it is interesting to learn what's coming.

On the other hand, Pokimane declared that she was not interested in becoming an actress. Although she is interested in cameos where she appears as herself, she does not wish to be cast in a role. She is specifically interested in appearing in movies about games.

YouTubers have appeared in movies before, but they rarely appear in movies without being made around them. Aside from Ryan and Sean (Nigahiga), Fred made a couple of films, and Wong Fu releases YouTube movies. But Fall Guy has huge names and has gone so far beyond the others, the closest may be New Low, which made it to Sundance and starred Tobuscus.

On August 13, 2021, in the United States, Free Guy was released in theaters. During its 45-day theatrical window, the film will only be available in theaters. In this case, the streaming platforms will have to wait for the movie to arrive, as those who don't want to go to theatres will have to wait for it.