Pokimane Renews Contract With Twitch

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Not long after Pokimane announced her Twitch contract ran out, the popular streamer confirmed she's re-signed with the streaming service. Fittingly announcing the news during a Twitch stream and reconfirming it with a Twitter post, she also took a humorous shot at former Twitch streamer and current YouTube Gaming star Ludwig.

On Twitch (via PC Gamer), Pokimane divulged the news of her re-signing while thanking both the platform and her Twitch chat. She didn’t say how long her new Twitch contract runs for, but it looks like Pokimane will remain on the platform for a good while.

Pokimane Renews Contract With Twitch

As for her joke, her latest Twitter post references a skit Ludwig made when leaving Twitch for YouTube gaming, which saw him leave an exploding Twitch car and getting into a red car representing YouTube. Unsurprisingly, that skit wasn’t received well by many people, but Pokimane is using her own joke for a car giveaway.

Pokimane looks to be staying on Twitch as a streamer in the long term, though she did have a brief role in the Ryan Reynolds film Free Guy alongside Ninja and Jacksepticeye. We'll keep you informed with further streaming news as it comes in.

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