How to Access Elder Scrolls Online's Public Test Server

Wondering how to access the ESO PTS?

The Elder Scrolls Online public test server is where Bethesda uploads all new significant updates to ESO, and the latest one to hit the ESO PTS is Update 30, aka the ESO Blackwood update.

It’s live now, and the public test server is open to everyone.

If you’ve never accessed it before, though, it’s not exactly the easiest to spot unless you know what you’re looking for.

Fortunately, actually signing up is fairly simple.

However, the ESO public test server is only available for PC and Mac users.

Console ESO players just have to wait until updates go live to check things out.

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How to Access Elder Scrolls Online's Public Test Server

To access the ESO PTS, first open the game launcher.

Then click the gear icon, and click the box next to “show public test environment.”

Choose “Apply” after that, and you’ll be able to download the PTS client and update it as needed.

Think of the PTS as a polished beta.

While the content is developed enough to release to the public, it’s also called a test server for a reason.

The content might not match the final version, and there may be some issues in it that will be ironed out before the full update releases.

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