Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced Edition Release Date

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When is ESO PS5 releasing?

Bethesda recently gave us the answer.

The Elder Scrolls Online next gen update “Console Enhanced” will release June 8 alongside ESO Blackwood.

Console Enhanced is a free update that allows ESO to run natively on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and there are quite a few improvements in store beyond the usual framerate and load time enhancements.

While the ESO PS5 version won’t take advantage of DualSense features, PlayStation players do get some extra incentive to try out ESO if they haven’t already.

From now until April 13, Sony is running a Free Play Event sale.

Players can download and play the base ESO game and Vvardenfell area for free and get a 67% discount on the full game should you decide to purchase it.

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Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced Edition Release Date

ESO Console Enhanced makes 60fps the standard framerate even in performance mode and nearly doubles draw distances.

It also improves reflections and adds dynamic lighting, lets consoles render every texture in high resolutions “so that they look even better on larger screens,” and smooths out depth of field even further, especially during NPC interactions.

This is in addition to the standard faster load times.

There’s even more to come.

Bethesda promised to share even more information about Fidelity and Performance modes, among other things, in the weeks leading up to ESO’s PS5 and XSX|S release date.

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[Source: Bethesda]

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