Elder Scrolls Online's Endeavors System Lets You Earn Crown Crates

ESO Crown Crates are getting a big change once June rolls around.

Zenimax creative director Rich Lambert recently spoke with Eurogamer about the new ESO Endeavors system coming to the game in June, alongside Update 30.

The ESO Endeavors system will let players exchange in-game items for Crown Crates, the game’s loot boxes.

Normally, ESO Crown Crates required Crowns to purchase, which could only be obtained by spending real-world money.

ESO Endeavors will reward players with Seals of Endeavor that take the place of Crowns, though you can still buy Crowns if you’d rather.

However, there are quite a few unknowns surrounding the Endeavor system and how generous it is with Seals of Endeavor.

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Elder Scrolls Online's Endeavors System Lets You Earn Crown Crates

ESO will hand out Seals of Endeavor for completing daily and weekly tasks.

These tasks will also earn you money and other items, but there’s no word yet how many Seals of Endeavors you’ll get from completing each task.

Likewise, Lambert didn’t say how many Seals of Endeavor one Crown Crate will cost.

Crown Crates only contain cosmetic items not vital for playing the game, and it’s a move many ESO fans still saw coming as soon as rumors started swirling about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda.

Microsoft’s loot crate policies state all players must be able to earn all loot box items through normal gameplay.

The lingering question is how much gameplay it’ll require for a single Crown Crate, though hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

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[Source: Eurogamer]

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