Elden Ring All Teardrop Scarab Locations and Types

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Elden Ring Trailer Screenshot Character overlooking misty area of The Lands Between

Small battles are just as important as the big ones in Elden Ring. Of course, facing a mighty boss and defeating them will help you to gain numerous rewards, but so can smaller fights. As you venture across the mystical but sometimes eerie map, you can encounter several opportunities to engage in smaller battles.

Teardrop Scarabs can be found across the majority of the area between Caelid and the Altus Plateau in The Lands Between. However, it doesn't mean that they're easy to find. You can easily miss them as they can often be hard to spot in the surrounding environment. When you spot one, you need to act quickly as they will try to escape before you can get to them. You need to swiftly attack them. If you manage to defeat them, you can earn a variety of rewards.

In this guide, we are going to show you all of the Teardrop Scarab locations, and we break down the rewards you can expect from each type.

All Teardrop Scarab Locations

On the map below, you can see all of the Teardrop Scarab locations in The Lands Between.

All Teardrop Scarab Types

There are four different types of Teardrop Scarabs that you can come across. Each colour/type of Scarab will drop different loot or have different rewards for you once you beat them. Here's our breakdown of each type:

  • Red: They will replenish your Flask of Crimson Tears
  • Blue: They will replenish your Flask of Cerulean Tears
  • Silver: They can drop Incantations, Sorceries, or Weapon Arts
  • Gold: They can also drop Incantations, Sorceries, or Weapon Arts.

Just make sure to be quick when you encounter a Scarab or they'll escape

Battling these small creatures in Elden Ring can offer you some beneficial rewards, especially when it comes to your Flask. Check out our guide on where to find Sacred Tears as they can be used to upgrade how much your Flask replenishes by. Alternatively, you can seek out Golden Seeds to increase how many Flasks you can have.

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