More Elden Ring Gameplay Revealed Ahead of Closed Network Test

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More Elden Ring gameplay is surfacing thanks to media who got an early preview build ahead of the game's network test that begins November 12 (thanks, Gaming Bolt). Some of the gameplay is familiar and follows what was shown in Bandai's recent extended trailer, though we do get to see a few other areas in more detail.

GameSpot spend time raiding a caravan for better items and equipment, similar to the scene we saw in Bandai's preview, but we also got a look at a coastal area and a massive monster that calls it home. Easy Allies spent time in a dungeon area with a greater emphasis on combat, while Game Informer spent more time exploring. We see more parts of the open world, including a catacombs-like area and some of the threats lurking in the fields.

Sony also published a new PlayStation Blog post with some additional details about what to expect from these threats and much more.

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More Elden Ring Gameplay Revealed Ahead Of Closed Network Test

Tim Turi, Sony's content communications manager, said even lesser ghouls pose a significant danger, and you'll want to use the map and new exploration features to make getting around the vast world easier. This includes a jump feature, a first for FromSoftware's Souls and Souls-like games.

It's also worth exploring side dungeons for more runes to level up with, Turi said, and if all else fails, you can summon a friend to explore with. It's dangerous to go alone.

Elden Ring Elden Ring will release February 25, 2022, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms.

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