New Elden Ring Footage Highlights Vast Dungeons and a Deadly Open World

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco revealed 15 minutes of Elden Ring footage, highlighting some of the game's massive open world and even more open approach to how the Tarnished overcomes the challenges that face them.

Elden Ring is, essentially, Dark Souls but open world. The map is vast and full of scripted and random events, from encounters with quirky NPCs, such as Alexander the pot man, to scouting out caravans ripe for raiding. There's a set path you can follow, but it's just for guidance. You can also ignore the guiding lights and carve your own path, though that, too, comes with its own special dangers.

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New Elden Ring Footage Highlights Vast Dungeons and a Deadly Open World

Whatever the situation, the Tarnished can craft their weapons and customize how they approach each encounter, with a range of special attacks alongside the usual normal and heavy strikes.

Customizing your approach is also key with Elden Ring's dungeons. These are built seamlessly into the environments, and there's multiple ways to tackle their challenges. The castle Bandai showed in this preview had at least three routes the Tarnished could take, and that's just getting inside.

Each dungeon will have traps and buzzles designed around the visibility and terrain unique to that particular area, though Bandai didn't mention what accessibility options Elden Ring might have to ensure everyone can approach these challenges.

Elden Ring will support multiplayer, including co-op play, PVP, and player raids.

Check out Elden Ring in action in the preview trailer below:

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