Elden Ring Crafting: How to Get All Cookbooks

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Three players on a cliff-edge facing ruins and clouds in Elden Ring.

As you might've already expected, getting around Elden Ring with any element of ease is not going to be without labour. The hauntingly beautiful world has been crafted by game director Hidetaka Miyazaki, with writing from Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin, and a lot of mechanics borrowed from prior FromSoftware games.

One of the most common mechanics is that of crafting. While a lot of the items you may need can be bought from merchants using Runes, many other items will need to be crafted using Cookbooks, as well as various materials and resources that you gather during your journey and throughout fights.


To start crafting, you'll need to acquire a few things first, including Cookbooks. Fortunately, we're here to walk you through it! In this guide, we explain how to craft and where to get all Cookbooks in Elden Ring.

How to Craft in Elden Ring

To craft anything whatsoever, you will first need to get your hands on the Crafting Kit from Merchant Kale for 50 Runes. Once you have this, you will need to gather different Cookbooks to unlock new recipes for craftable items. Cookbooks are not consumables and are only needed once for you to have learnt its contents.


How to Get All Cookbooks in Elden Ring

Cookbooks in Elden Ring can often be found naturally, or purchased from Merchants, but they're just as easy to miss too.

Below, we've listed each Cookbook, its corresponding recipes, and where you can find it! However, we also have a customisable map above from our friends at MapGenie which shows each Cookbook location on the map of The Lands Between.

Cookbooks Recipes Included How to Get
Armorer's Cookbook 1Fire Grease, Drawstring Fire Grease, Fireproof Dried LiverRuins north of Murkwater Cave Site of Grace
Armorer's Cookbook 2Firebone Arrow, Fletched Firebone Arrow, Neutralising Boluses, Cured Immunising MeatNomadic Merchant southeast of Coastal Cave
Armorer's Cookbook 3Exalted FleshNomadic Merchant southeast of Coastal Cave
Armorer's Cookbook 5Immunizing Cured Meat, Immunizing White Cured MeatNot Yet Known
Armorer's Cookbook 6Preserving BolusesNot Yet Known
Armorer's Cookbook 7Giantsflame Fire PotNot Yet Known
Fevor's Cookbook 1Sleep PotSummonwater Village
Fevor's Cookbook 2Soporific Grease, Drawstring Soporific Grease, Sleepbone Arrow, Fletched Sleepbone Arrow, Sleepbone BoltNot Yet Known
Fevor's Cookbook 3Bewitching BranchNot Yet Known
Missionary's Cookbook 1Holy Water Pot, Scriptstone, Gold-Picked Fowl FootMerchant Kale at Church of Elleh
Missionary's Cookbook 2Scriptstone, Grace Mimic, Gold-Pickled Fowl FootNot Yet Known
Missionary's Cookbook 3Silver-Pickled Fowl FootSmoldering Church Site of Grace
Missionary's Cookbook 4Holy Grease, Drawstring Holy Grease, Haligbone Arrow, Fletched Haligbone Arrow, Haligbone BoltNot Yet Known
Missionary's Cookbook 5Sacred Order PotNot Yet Known
Missionary's Cookbook 7Rejuvenating BolusesNot Yet Known
Deserter's Cookbook 1Bone Arrow, Fletched Bone Arrow, Staunching Boluses, Pickled Turtle NeckMerchant Kale at Church of Elleh
Deserter's Cookbook 2Poisonbone Arrow, Fletched Poisonbone Arrow, Exalted FleshNot Yet Known
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 1Bone Arrow, Fletched Bone Arrow, Bone BoltMerchant Kale at Church of Elleh
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 2Glowstone, Invigorating Cured meat, Invigorating White Cured MeatMerchant Kale at Church of Elleh
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 3Pickled Turtle Neck, Poisonbone Arrow, Fletched Poisonbone Arrow, Poisonbone Bolt Nomadic Merchant in North Limgrave
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 4Fetid Pot, Roped Fetid PotNot Yet Known
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 5Beastlure PotNomadic Merchant in East Limgrave
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 6Blood Grease, Drawstring Blood Grease, Bloodbone Arrow, Fletched Bloodbone Arrow, Bloodbone BoltFort Haight
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 7Stanching Boluses, Soft Cotton, Rainbow Stone Arrow, Fire Pot, Roped Fire PotAt the end of a collapse bridge, north of Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 9Rancor PotTombsward Catacombs
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 10Stormwing Bone ArrowGuard tower south-east of Liftside Chamber Site of Grace
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 11Crystal Dart, Spellproof Dried Liver, Shattershard ArrowNomadic Merchant in Liurna of the Lakes
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 12Not Yet KnownNot Yet Known
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 13Bone Great Arrow, Fletched Bone Great Arrow, Bone Ballista BoltNomadic Merchant in Liurna of the Lakes
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 14Poison Pot, Roped Poison Pot. Poisonbone DartSmoldering Church Site of Grace
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 15Rotbone Arrow, Fletched Rotbone Arrow, Rotbone BoltNomadic Merchant in south Caelid
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 16Thawfrost Boluses, Stimulating BolusesNomadic Merchant in Ainsel River
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 17Soap, Oil Pot, Roped Oil PotNomadic Merchant in Siofra River
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 18Dappled Cured Meat, Dappled White Cured MeatNomadic Merchant in Siofra River
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 20Volcano Pot, Roped Volcano PotNomadic Merchant in Mt. Gelmir
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 22Rot Pot, Rot Grease, Drawstring Rot GreaseLake of Rot
Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 23Frozen Raisin, Clarifying Cured Meat, Clarifying White Cured MeatNot Yet Known
Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook 1Cuckoo GlintstoneEnemy encampment south of Liurnia Lake Shore
Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook 2Freezing GreaseNot Yet Known
Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook 3Albinauric PotNot Yet Known
Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook 5Magic Grease, Drawstring Magic Grease, Magicbone Arrow, Fletched Magicbone Arrow, Magicbone BoltIllusory Wall room
Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook 6Freezing PotSmall room southeast of Caria Manor gardens
Frenzied's Cookbook 1Clarifying BolusesFrenzied Flame Village
Perfumer's Cookbook 2Poison Spraymist, Bloodboil AromaticNot Yet Known
Perfumer's Cookbook 4Acid SpraymistNomadic Merchant in Ainsel River
Ancient Dragon Apostle's Cookbook 1Lightning Grease, Drawstring Lightning Grease, Lightningbone Arrow, Fletched Lightningbone Arrow, Lightningbone BoltNot Yet Known
Ancient Dragon Apostle's Cookbook 3Dragonwound GreaseCaelid Catacombs

That's everything there is to crafting and cookbooks in Elden Ring. Crafting items is pretty straight-forward; the most trouble you'll have is with finding cookbooks and crafting materials.


However, your items will undoubtedly help you when it comes to those tricky boss fights. For more on Elden Ring, check out our guides on on the bosses and where to find Golden Seeds. Additionally, don't forget to check out how long Elden Ring takes to beat!