Dying Light 2 Forsaken Stores: What Are They?

Dying Light 2 Opening Cinematic Infected Building in dark alley of Villedor. Three bodies hanging from structure in the street.

As you explore the streets of Villedor in Dying Light 2, you will discover numerous different buildings, and optional activities that you can do outside of the main story. A lot of the optional activities that involve exploring a building need to be done at night. This is because the Infected take shelter inside the dark buildings during the day.

One optional activity that needs to be done at night is exploring a Forsaken Store. There are quite a few of these scattered across the map. The best way to discover them is to stand on a tall building and use your binoculars to scan the area. You can accidentally discover them by running past their main entrance while exploring The City. These stores can be slightly tricky to get into, but once you do, the loot is worth it.

In this guide, we're going to explain a bit more about what Forsaken Stores are.

Dying Light 2 Open Loot Trunk in Forsaken Store
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What Are Forsaken Stores?

Forsaken Stores are simply buildings that you can explore at night that hold a lot of loot. You cannot explore them during the day because of the sheer amount of infected that take shelter in there. At night, there are still some infected in there but they are easy to defeat or sneak around.

The tricky thing about forsaken stores is that their entrances are almost always guarded by a lot of infected and a Howler. A Howler acts like an alarm call for the Infected. If it spots you, it will send out a call to other infected in the area and a chase will begin. Once a chase starts, it's impossible to get into a Forsaken Store safely. You will need to end the chase by escaping to a safe zone before trying again.

Loot and Rewards

However, once you are inside the store, there could be a lot of bountiful loot waiting for you. It can be very dark inside the stores so use your survivor sense to scout for loot and potential threats. Once you have cleared out all of the loot, you can head back out to continue with your night in Villedor.

Forsaken Stores are just one of the many optional night activities that you can do in Dying Light 2. Going into an unknown place in the dark can be slightly intimidating. This is why it's useful to have a set of weapons with you. Check out our weapons guide to find out more about all of the weapons you can find in the game. If you're still working on improving your parkour skills, take a look at our guide that explains both the combat and parkour skill trees in the game.

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