Dying Light 2: Does It Have Online Multiplayer Co-op?

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Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Co-Op Team of 4

Dying Light 2 is an action role-playing game from Techland and the sequel to Dying Light. In the game, you enter The City which is one of the last remaining human settlements. Far from being paradise, the inhabitants of The City are experiencing conflict and the infected monsters are getting stronger. It's up to you to decide the fate of this settlement but, for those of you who want a team, will there be an online multiplayer co-op?

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Will There Be Online Multiplayer Co-op?

Yes, there will be an online multiplayer co-op mode in Dying Light 2. The mode will support up to 4 separate players, with one of them acting as host for the game. With the sheer amount of infected monsters that will be prowling around at night and the size of the in-game map, having up to 4 friends at your side will be useful.

How Does Online Multiplayer Co-op Work?

In the final episode of Dying 2 Know, we found out some crucial details about co-op in the game. When you join a co-op game, you will be playing the host's version of the story. This means that if they have made different choices until the point you join them, their city may be different from yours. A huge bonus is that if you choose to play co-op mode and you earn items or progress your character, you will be able to keep all of that when you return to your own game. The same applies if you join a co-op game, you get to keep all of the work you have done to develop your own character.

Can the Team Make Decisions?

Yes, your co-op team can make decisions to an extent. When you reach a point in the story where big decisions that could alter the game need to be made, the team gets to vote on it. Everyone is allowed to give their opinion and their say, but ultimately it will still be the host that makes the final choice.

We will update this page as we learn more about the multiplayer co-op mode.

Dying Light 2. A dark hall filled with infected monsters. A UV torch is being pointed at them.
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Having friends to help you explore The City in Dying Light 2 will be useful, especially when you look at all of the confirmed monsters you will be facing. If you want to get the PC version of the game, take a look at our PC Specs guide. Also, you can look at our article on how the choices and consequences affect your game.

Updated January 14th, 2022 by Marie Pritchard. Contributions from Lloyd Coombes.