Dying Light 2 Zombies List: All Infected Types

Dying Light 2 Official Screenshot of a Revanant Monster. The image shows the growths on the back of a Revenant.

Dying Light 2 Official Screenshot of a Revanant Monster. The image shows the growths on the back of a Revenant.

Dying Light 2 is an action role-playing game from Techland. Set 20 years after the first game, Dying Light, you are a wanderer that enters The City. This place is one of the last big human settlements left in the world. However, the settlement is in chaos, and conflict rules. As well as battling monsters, the remaining humans are now fighting each other.

As you strive to complete your own quest, you'll be pulled into the anarchy of life in The City. Despite the fact that humans are a huge problem for you in the game, the infected zombies that lurk in the dark then prowl the streets at night are still dangerous. There are several types of infected in Villedor and knowing more about them is the first step to defeating them.

We've put together this list of all of the monsters in the game so you know what you're up against in your bid to save The City.

All Monsters

This list contains all of the monsters that have been confirmed so far. We will update this page as we learn more about them.


A Viral is the first stage of the infection. A human will mutate into this stage after catching and succumbing to the disease. They are ruthless in the pursuit of their prey (you) and will use their unusually good health to chase you down. If they manage to catch you, they will pin you down and maul you like a caged beast that has now been set free. However, Virals can experience spasms and seizure-like symptoms. When they are experiencing these, you can sneak away.


A Biter is the next stage of the evolution of the infection after becoming a Viral. Their remaining shreds of humanity are less noticeable than their predeccessor. They're not as hard to kill as the other monsters because they choose to wander around in the sunlight. This damages their skin, weakens them and is likely to be the reason they move so slowly. Biters are still on the hunt for prey and if you are ambushed by a group of them, you will become their snack. If you see one, you can avoid it or attack it but if you see a group of them you should probably run.

Dying Light 2 Howler Monster
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A Howler doesn't engage in combat and it acts like an alarm call or research-type monster. They wander around and seek out humans to prey on. When a Howler finds what it's looking for, it calls other monsters to its location and they will attack you. They evolved from Virals but they look distinctly different due to their warped mouths and yellow veins on their chest. Keep an eye on your surroundings, if you spot this monster, staying low and quiet is the best way to go.

Sleeping Beauties

As seen inside the hospital in the monsters gameplay trailer, Sleeping Beauties can be avoided if you are quiet. You need to stay crouched and walk slowly past them to remain unnoticed. If you get too close, you'll alert them to your presence and be overwhelmed. They seem to be captivated in their own little world and, if you're quiet, they will stay that way.


When you are running around Villedor at night, you are highly likely to come across a Bolter or two. They are most often found munching on the flesh of deceased survivors on rooftops or down dark alleys. If you can catch one and kill one, you'll be rewarded with an Infected Trophy. Plus, the fact that they can move quite quickly makes the chase all the more challenging.

Dying Light 2, a Banshee Monster
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One thing is for sure, a Banshee has style!


You need to stay on guard as a Banshee is the only monster that can appear and attack you from mid-air. The hands of a Banshee is its primary weapon and it uses them to attack from above. Disproportionate to its body, its extended fingers feature razor-sharp claws that can slice you into pieces. If you want to take this one down quickly, aim for the yellow blisters that cover its body.


Big, scary, and slow. The sheer size of this type of infected is why it's easy to outrun them if you want to. If you do choose to take them on, we recommend engaging in ranged combat or attacking them from behind. It takes a good few seconds for the Goon to turn around to attack you, so you can get a few good hits in, and get away safely.

Dying Light 2. A Revenant Monster.
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A Revenant monster has growths coming out of its back. These growths can affect any surrounding infected by using a toxic mist and this can make them much harder to defeat. If you want to survive, we recommend taking down a Revenant first before attacking other types. However, it should be easy to dodge this type of monster as its mutations seem to give it problems with balancing.

Dying Light 2. A Demolisher Monster.
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A Demolisher is made when a Viral's evolution into a Volatile goes slightly wrong. Alongside a Volatile, this is one of the biggest monsters in Dying Light 2. It has hardened tissue on its body that acts like organic armor. However, it has multiple large yellow blisters that are its weak spots. These blisters also glow at night which makes Demolishers easier to spot in the dark. This monster relies on its brute strength and aggression for its attacks. It can lift up large objects and launch them at you or charge at you to crush you. Fight it or flee, the choice is yours.


Fortunately, you don't meet this type of infected until later in the game. Unfortunately, it's one of the trickier ones to fight as they will explode on impact. When this type of infected tries to attack you, it will run directly towards you, and explode as soon as you are close enough. This one attack can instantly destroy half of your health. We strongly recommend fighting them from a distance using a Bow, Gas Canisters, Moltovs, or any other weapon that can be used in ranged battles.

Dying Light 2. Volatile (monster)
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A Viral can evolve into a Volatile, a big and dangerous monster. However, they can only do this if they stay away from sunlight for a lengthy period of time. They are one of the biggest monsters in the game and the one you need to watch out for. Volatiles sniff around their surroundings to search for prey, meaning hiding from them may be extremely tough. It's much larger than most of the other monsters and it's got the strength to match its size.


Humans are just as much of a monster in this game as the infected zombies are. You really cannot trust many people around you. The infection meant that survivors turn on each other in the most unpredictable ways. Watch your back because people that seem like your friends can become your foes in seconds.

There are many threats for you to navigate throughout Dying Light 2. This is why having a good set of weapons in your inventory will be useful. Check out our weapons list to find out more about the weapons in the game and which ones we've found to be the best. Also, having a sturdy set of armour will help protect you from the horrors you'll experience at night. Check out our best gear guide to find out which armour class and armour pieces are the best for you.

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