Dragon's Dogma 2: Mods From The Original That Should Be In The Sequel

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There is one thing that all games released today have in common with Dragon's Dogma 2. Now that mods exist, sequels can see precisely what their fans want without extensive testing or polling. In most cases, the popular mods are what players want to see in a sequel.

There were many cheating mods and visual mods in Dragon's Dogma, but not many added to its gameplay. The sequel should already show improvement in a visual sense, so those aren't helpful. The original was great, but the mods listed below are the ones I consider essential for any playthrough and would be easy to implement into the sequel.

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Seraph FX- Clear Days Dark Nights Mod - A much better skybox

The night in Dragon's Dogma looks like the average skybox in an Unreal Engine 3 game. It's just there and isn't much to look at, and it barely affects the world very much. Luckily, there's a mod for that.

This game changes with the Seraph FX- Clear Days Dark Nights Mod. This Mod brightens the days and darkens the nights, all with a crystal clear and crisp texture. With this mod, players are able to create many ambiances, and they won't find it too warm or too cold because it uses natural lighting.

As a result, bad weather affects the game's mood, whereas clear days tend to have a more vibrant atmosphere. This mod allows players to immerse themselves in the world because it looks real, to be honest. I feel like Dragon's Dogma 2 would benefit from a better skybox.

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Easy Clothing Inventory ID Mod - A much better inventory system

Many people remember how annoying it was when the player had too many items in their inventory. Unfortunately, everything looks similar in the inventory and unless the player hovers over each item, they don't know what it is.

Players can do more conveniently identify clothing in their inventory with Easy Clothing Inventory ID mod.

This displays the color and description of the mod. It makes the inventory system easier to see and understand.
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Via Nexus Mods

This removes the need to over each item manually, saving players plenty of time. Depending on the player's preference, two versions are available: one with a subtle blue glow and another with a stronger light. This mod is for anyone who wants to play the game, and it's so essential.

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Don't Blind Me - Something most games need

One of the pet peeves of many gamers is when bright lights or specific magic effects in a game impede their gameplay. The AOE attack is particularly noticeable if you are dealing with a boss during a fight. Don't Blind Me mod offers different levels of light reduction to deal with this issue.

An example of this is below:

Players can now enjoy all the features of the game without being disturbed by blinding lights. In addition to spells and skills, weapon enchantments and lanterns can also be affected by this mod.

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