Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Ways Capcom Can Improve Upon The Original

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Several things in Dragon's Dogma were excellent. Despite being one of the best RPGs ever released, it was incredibly underrated and underhyped. Still, Capcom can improve upon the original game in many ways.

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To make the sequel great, all that Capcom gave in the first game must be improved upon - made more intuitive or fun. The original felt underdone in a lot of areas, so the sequel will be easier to follow. There are some concepts that Dragon's Dogma 2 should take and add to and polish. I have compiled a list of 5 ways that Capcom could improve upon the sequel.

Give Pawns More To Say


I wrote an entire article on how Capcom should improve pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2, found here. In summary, the pawns were too robotic and not human enough. It wouldn't have been challenging to make them more humanlike either; they just needed to have more lines.

Due to Capcom's belief that there were no more lines needed, the pawns were continually repeating phrases. A greater variety of things to say would make pawns near perfect if Capcom gave them more things to say. I don't think it's necessary to change the AI for the pawns because it is already immaculate.

A FAR Better Story

The story in Dragon's Dogma fit well with early Final Fantasy games or even Chrono Trigger's era. In order to attract RPG players today, games must have a stronger storyline. There was nothing particularly compelling about the story in Dragon's Dogma, and it was even hard to follow at times.

It is imperative that Capcom hires better writers or requires them to study more. It's just a matter of writing a better storyline because I didn't care by the end of the game, and storytelling is my favorite part of gaming. I didn't care why I killed the cool dragon - all I wanted was to kill it.

More Monsters

Speaking of killing the cool dragon, Dragon's Dogma had a great monster system. Fighting monsters was more realistic than any other game I have played. In a sense, I felt like I was dealing with incredibly dangerous and powerful animals.

The roster of monsters in Dragon's Dogma 2 needs to be significantly expanded. There weren't that many different kinds of creatures in the original game, and the sequel would benefit from more. Double them, and the world won't seem so void of monsters anymore. Toss in some slime, too.


Better Clothing

Dragon's Dogma has a very simplistic clothing system. I think it would be perfect for the first game in a series, but not for the next. There should be more colors, better variants, and cooler-looking clothing for players.

Even though the improved versions were better looking, I still wore some starter stuff. There's no need to make me look silly because it boosts some stats. There is a need for professional fashion designers in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Add Fast Travel

Dragon's Dogma suffered, and I mean suffered from not having an option to fast travel like in other games. It can be very tedious running from one point on the map to the other repeatedly in a big world. It is a huge taboo not to have fast travel in any RPG, and it is never done in a way that is enjoyable to the player.

As with many aspects of Dragon's Dogma, the Ferry Crystal is a throwback to older RPGs, but it should have remained in the past. A Ferry Crystal allowed players to travel to very specific locations that weren't convenient. In addition, Ferry Crystals are one-time use, and they weren't easy to find.

It's enough, game developers. Traveling from Gran Soren to anywhere takes about 30 minutes. The lack of fast travel makes the game worse and reduces replay value.

With these five upgrades, Dragon's Dogma 2 will be the best RPG ever created. Capcom may fix more issues, but these 5 are the main ones players seem to have with the game. If you're looking for more details about Dragon's Dogma 2, like its release date or price, we have it all right here: Dragon's Dogma 2: Leaks, Rumours, Latest News, And Everything We Know So Far.