Dragonball FighterZ Season 4: New Changes Supercharges Game System, Characters For Faster Gameplay

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have recently pushed out a new update for the Season 4 content on Dragonball FighterZ. The developers added new game systems and massive character improvements for this update. The new additions will push the game to be crazier for fans and players of this title.

Season 4 Changes

The recent DBFZ show livestream that ran almost four hours had the patch notes for all the new updates on the game systems and characters. Known players and figures in Damascus, Tyrant, and Apologyman showcased some of the characters added with the changes.

The new Season 4 changes are now live and can now be playable. Many top players such as GO1, SonicFox, Alioune, and Fenritti plus all of the other players are already posting new combos that are now possible with the new changes.

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Improved Characters

The changes for all the characters are too long to list as all of the characters received improvements. The Dragonball FighterZ Reddit community has already compiled every change on the thread. The patch notes revealed on stream were reviewed inch by inch as the presenters shown a long list of changes. We'll give out an update on this once the official patch notes release in the game.

So far, the characters that greatly improved after getting their Season 4 changes are Perfect Cell, Goku Black, Gogeta Blue, SSJ Goku, Goku Blue, Adult Gohan and Fused Zamasu. Try out these characters and see the massive difference in what they can do in fights. All in all, the changes generally improved the character's movement and added more options on what they can do in fights.

More Options, More Fun

Overall, the new changes supercharges the gameplay of Dragonball FighterZ on the highest levels. The buffs include allowing players to tag into their other characters during a special move to extend combos and pressure. Meanwhile, the Ki Charge was also buffed to be a defensive option against projectile spamming.

On the other end, Sparking Blast was also buffed in this Season. If it's about to run out during a combo, it'll go on overtime and will provide the Sparking Blast bonuses up until the combo drops or ends.

At best, picking up Dragonball FighterZ to play has never been better this season due to all the changes that the developers added to this game.

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