Dragon Ball FighterZ 2 Game May Be In Development According To Job Posting

Dragon Ball FighterZ has received a great deal of attention from fans of anime and fighting games alike. In the wake of the original's success, it was perhaps inevitable that there would be a sequel. However, knowing that it is coming does not answer the question of when it will arrive.

Google Translate has revealed that a mysterious job posting points to the development of a Dragon Ball FighterZ sequel. Although it could be another manga, the posting seems to be about Dragon Ball Z. Also, this is the only Dragon Ball Z game that has completed its DLC and extended market.

A Dragon Ball FighterZ Sequel in the works

Freelance Hub, a site that posts job listings in Japan, is searching for a developer for a new fighting game based on a "super famous" manga series. It seems to be pointing to Dragon Ball FighterZ 2. There are many famous Manga and anime, but Dragon Ball Z is something that even people who don't like anime recognize.

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This could also be Pokemon, but currently, the studio is focused on not highlighting the fact that the Pokemon are hurting each other. The Pokemon company wants everyone to remember the Pokemon are just having fun. Nintendo would never allow anyone to describe a Pokemon game as a "fighting game."

There aren't too many other options for a publisher since Bandai Namco owns all video game rights to Shonen Jump manga franchises. This includes most of the best and most popular battle anime in the world. Dragon Ball Z is one of the companies Bandai Namco owns.

Because the listing is in Japanese, we will post the translation here for you to decide:

"This is a highly recommended project for those who want to develop large titles with an elite group. Recommended for people like this-People who want to get involved from requirement definition-People who want to develop home-use games-People who want to gain a wide range of experience from testing in the first person-People who want to work with elite groups-Want to challenge large titles Those who like super famous battle manga published by a certain publisher (a battle manga that everyone knows)"

It could also be Dragon Ball Z Budokai 4... But don't give me hope.

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