Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets A New Update This August

Bandai Namco has just confirmed that Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting a new update soon. Speaking in a new video update, producer Tomoko Hiroki confirmed that arrives in the middle of August, which implements notable changes and further competitive tournaments.

Within this 2 minute video, Hiroki advised this FighterZ's update will include character balance adjustments, alongside change to combat. According to Hiroki, this will allow for "more dynamic attack and defense," such as changes to cancelling aerial guards.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets A New Update This August

Furthermore, Hiroki also revealed a new wave of tournaments is due to kick off later this year, with qualifying rounds starting in September. However, she separately ruled out any further improvements to FighterZ's netcode, saying it's “currently difficult”. As such, it's unlikely we'll see Rollback implementation anytime soon.

While it doesn't sound like this update will kick off Season 4 of Dragon Ball FighterZ, what's clear is that Bandai Namco's in it for the long haul. We'll keep you updated as we learn more but otherwise, series fans also have Dragon Ball Z Karakot's Switch release in September.

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